Looking at Le Corbusier

Titolo: Looking at Le Corbusier
Autore: Emanuele Piccardo /
Introduzione di Tim Benton
Soggetto: architettura /
Anno: 2019 /
Pagine:120 /
Formato: 22×22 cm /
Legatura: filo refe /
isbn 97888954593
Prezzo: € /40,00


Looking at Le Corbusier is the research realized by the photographer and architecture critic Emanuele Piccardo made from 2007 to 2018, on Le Corbusier’s most significant architectures in France. From the Church of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp to the Unitè d’habitation in Marseille, Nantes and Firminy, passing through the Ville Savoye, the Maisons Jaoul, the apartment of Le Corbusier, the Couvent de la Tourette, ending the journey to Roquebrune Cap Martin, a place of inspiration for Corbu. The journey in the Le Corbusier world is based on the relationship between architecture, its representation and photographic interpretation, a theme that Piccardo has been reflecting on for a decade, up until the foundation of the archphoto.it webzine, which investigates the relationship between architecture and the visual arts.

Couvent de la Tourette, photo by Emanuele Piccardo copyright Emanuele Piccardo and FLC

Etoile de Mer, photo by Emanuele Piccardo copyright Emanuele Piccardo and FLC

The architectural historian Tim Benton in the introduction of the book accompanying the Looking at Le Corbusierexhibition emphasizes “Like Hervé, Piccardo plays with the geometry of the square, aligning diagonals and defeating perspective recession by flattening the image. Many of his images are frontal, but he likes to use a slightly inclined perspective to suggest depth while counteracting it with the formal play of lines and planes. … The photographs do not explain the plans, the sections and (with some exceptions) the elevations. But they do stimulate a closer vision of Le Corbusier’s achievement and the essential concinnitas that unites the whole to the details in all his work. ”