Gordon Matta-Clark: The Hole Architecture

Titolo: Gordon Matta-Clark: The Hole Architecture
Autore:  Emanuele Piccardo
Soggetto: Arte contemporanea/
Anno: 2023 /
Lingua: english /
Pagine: 244/
Formato: 14,8×21 cm /
Legatura: brossura /
isbn: 978-88-95459-52-3/
Prezzo: 30,00 € /


There are many books about the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, dissecting him much like he dissected New York, Genoa, and Paris buildings. However, this research arises from a need, that of reaffirming the centrality of Genoa and Paris in his work, with two iconic pieces, A W-Hole House and Conical Intersect, realized in 1973 and 1975. In this two case studies he synthesized his idea of art and society. This is achieved through a layered investigation of documents, letters, photographs, drawings, and direct testimonies from central figures in GMC’s life: his assistant and friend Gerry H. Hovagimyan, his wife Jane Crawford, photographer Carol Goodden, curator Jean-Hubert Martin, photographer Marc Petitjean, and Genoese gallerist Paolo Minetti. The direct testimonies collected in the form of horal history, from 2013 until today, enable a cross-sectional reading of events and stories, between New York, Genoa, and Paris. In this stories emerges GMC’s empathy towards places and people. The two projects in Genoa and Paris share several analogies.